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Katherine Rebholz ~  Elisheba, The Fountain Heart

My Spiritual Path began in the Four Corners Area in 1999, specifically the plateau of high desert grasslands and forests tucked in between Sleeping Ute Moutain on the SW, the La Plata Mountains on the North and Mesa Verde on the East, this earthly hammock of beauty stetched down to Northern New Mexico where I finished my senior thesis from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities -  in Anthropology in Ethno botanical Studies, where I was following and studying the Curanderas of Largo Wash, East of Farmington area, New Mexico.  Walking back into the far reaches of the desert to find a specific plant to heal a specific ailment.  Documenting the stories and the folklore that went with each plant and the emotion on the faces of the Hispanics healers brought a sense of purpose to my life path.  I continued to work in an archaeological lab, working on various Anasazi Collections, identifying stone or lithic tools use wear and source locations, or pottery shards, and locating the area from which the materials were aquired or where the artwork originated from.  This Four Corners region, was a farming and  astronomical center for the southwest, where the alignment and placement of windows in tower like buildings or structure, held the critical answers to timing of planting and agriculture in the region.  It was my first glimpse into how the stars in the sky held practicality on earth, and a primal instinct of early humans to connect with the stars for survival, guidance, and beauty.

In 2003 I began to learn tarot and after only 3-4 months of learning I was immediately getting business for my unusual skill ...

Eventually, over the last 11 years I have learned Vedic Astrology and Sidereal Ephemeris, as well as honing my craft as a Psychic Medium.

In 2006, I had a vision of a lady with long black hair in a white marble chair who told me my spiritual name ... Elisheba ...

In 2013, I had a vision of archangel gabriel and an eternal fountain of divine love, and then gabriel put the fountain into my body, as my heart, actually replacing my heart and told me that I was  "The Fountain Heart"

To Back up ... In September 2012 my grandma passed and in May of 2013 my grandpa passed ~

Several weeks later, in May of 2013 I had a vision and encounter with Archangel gabriel ~ below is what I wrote subsequently in my journal ~

"I would say first that I am prompted of a vision of a fountain – over flowing and as if the water was their love… it is pouring over … Endlessly.  Tireless.  Effortless, and Soothing.  The purest of loves – the purest of waters, like a divine nectar, dribbling and bubbling over.  But soon Archangel Gabriel puts this earth fountain in my body, with one thrust, it takes the actual place of my beating heart and now the fountain is apart of me …the thrust of the water is like my heartbeat eternally linked to some love like a lifeline keeping me alive – from some infinite thread intertwined amidst this feeling of pain and love in equal parts… “you are The Fountain Heart” archangel Gabriel says …

This thread is not an accident nor is it entirely material … it is made of hopes and dreams and most importantly memories … knotted together like a braid linking those to whom you click with eternally … and often without logic or forethought … effortless Love. Eternal love. Ketu love."

Little did I know that a past life unfolding before me would forever change my life ~

This isn’t intellect, this isn’t might – this is love ~ this is the beginning of my receiving messages from archangel Gabriel … it has lead me on The Path all over the world … as Nabu Elisheba

Over the last 15 years, I have given my time many organizations but now dedicate myself to

  • World Peace

My clients have ranged from corporate groups, to private parties, to one on one sessions.

Katherine was quoted inMilwaukee Journal-Sentinel upon demotion of Pluto to Planetoid in August 2006.  The article has been catalogued at encyclopedia.com

Voted VP of Milwaukee Chapter of NCGR - National Council For Geocosmic Research



My service to the community has changed over the years, from inner city gardening, inner city food Co-op, Siddha Yoga Meditation at Taycheetah Prison, to today my Global Mission Work as Nabi Elisheba, The Fountain Heart, to reveal the Universal God.

Perhaps I could shed some light on your situation!  Come see me at my studio in Milwaukee!

I have given my life to my spiritual cause and a Spiritual Healer and in that exchange, I have given my body to that healing source and live as a celibate high priestess.