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"One of the Best readings I have ever had"

George Sand - Milwaukee Palm Reader

Katy, thanks so much for the reading. I left feeling more hopeful than I have in a long time. I value your insight, expertise and candor.

Linda, Milwaukee 

(Medium cross over with Mom, Great Grandfather, and brother) ... "were Extraordinary, and extremely accurate"

Retired CIA Navy Seal - Baton Rouge, LA

Thank you again Katy for helping me.  I appreciate you so much.  

Bernadette U. - Greenfield, WI

Thank you for such a great reading it was so fun and so nice to see you - I am lucky to have found you!!! You've helped me so much throughout the years!

Jane W. - Brookfield, WI

Feng Shui Update - 3 days after consult:

1. Sleep through the last 3 nights. Which has been huge issue for years.
2. Immediately burned the urn after you left and then moved around my TV and living room furniture, so I actually SIT in my love corner and face the best direction.
Kids liked the new arrangement too.
3. Minimized the kitchen table and got a nice fountain for that corner. My son put it together for me and has been doing dishes and cleaning without asking !
PS - Hartland, WI

Dear Katy ~ Thank you for your gift! The information and connection with Paul was comforting and valuable, I'm sure I'll check in again soon, I was thinking about how much my late husband came through and I hardly asked any questions related to him 

RS - Milwaukee WI

Hi Katherine - my name is Anne and I met you yesterday. I just wanted to tell you that you are awesome and I enjoyed my (spiritual medium) reading with you!!  You are so very talented!!!!! Have a great week!

Anne - Madison, WI - Crossed over with her loved ones

WOW!  Your abilities always come at interesting times and are amazing

Andy Neville- Moorhead, MN

Thanks for the reading. It was insightful, gives me hope to not give up. 

Jeannine - W. Virginia

You have no idea the impression you make on people.  I still talk about our visit...it was an interesting phase of my life to say the least  ...

Chris Schmidt - Madison WI

 ...We Cannot wait for the party!

Katie H - Sun Prairie, WI - return client having a holiday party

Gary said the house already feels lighter and he loved you.  She said she feels a major difference in the house. Whatever you did helped Tremendously. Thank you.  (House Clearing/Feng Shui)

Kathryn and Gary - Green Bay, WI

Thank You!!!!! I'm Thankful to know you and for the help you have given me and my network

Kasey C - Milwaukee WI

Q To me: Do you watch the TV show on mediums?

Me: No I don't watch TV

... You are better than the lady on TV

Maggie - Milwaukee - House Spirit Clearing AND Cross over with her Father - Medium Reading

Katherine has an incredible gift.  I have known her personally and professionally for a number of years.  Last year I had my chart done.  Her predictions were right on target.  If you're thinking of getting an appointment with Katherine, don't think, just get one.  

Wes M. Business owner - Milwaukee

Thank you ... I can't thank you enough.  You really gave me the confidence to be true to myself,  ... and the practical steps to follow to move forward, and you gave me the courage to seek win-win solutions to all my challenges.  you said "all chips in" from richie on the entreprenuer stuff. Exactly what he says, haha, so cute.

 Much love, Erik Yosemite CA - medium / cross over reading

"(Vedic Astrology Reading) ... was amazingly Life-Changing" 
Anonymous - Washington DC

My friends Loved you!!! When I move, I want you to come over and do Another House Blessing and more readings!! You are the talk of the town!!!
Sue - Sun Prairie, WI

The (House Blessing) meeting with you has helped me immensely and I am working on putting your suggestions in place and practice.  I already feel as if mine and my houses energy has and continues to change.  I am calmer, more focused and I feel like I have clearer direction. I would love for you to come back again, to keep things moving in the right direction.
C. M. - Brookfield, WI

Hey Katy - You were my neighbor but now you're someone I'm very glad and fortunate to have met. As your friend I saw just how amazing your gift and expertise is, really a surreal experience for me. Your outside perspective really was eye opening. You helped me through some very big life decisions, so very grounding and comforting. You helped me trust in the universe. Thank you so much!

Nick S - Milwaukee WI


Katy, thanks for your time and your counsel. It was reassuring, uplifting and very powerful. You have a beautiful gift.
Natasha - Hubertus, WI

Katherine – Thank you so much for the time you spent with me. I'm not sure if you truly know how much you do for people and how important you are. A lot of what you said I already knew but I needed confirmation from someone who had no true connection to it all ~ I thank you for the connecting you allowed me with my dad. It's a missing part of me and I never thought it as that important but it all makes sense to me now.

I had the opportunity today to experience feelings I've never had before. I'm glad he finds it all amazing and I'm on a journey with him now as well. I've always been, I just didn't know it. I would love to come see you in person one day. Thank you so much and I look forward to this life changing year.
Melissa W – Madison WI

Greetings Katherine, I'd like to thank you for being apart of what Sarah has deemed the best birthday celebration ever, this past Saturday. Having a tarot reading from you, was as exciting & soul refreshing as I thought it would be.Thank you & I look forward to hearing from you.
-SS - Madison

I came into your shop one excessively hot Saturday or Sunday about one year ago and demanded a reading even though you were tired. I just want to say thanks again for doing that even though you didn't really want to. I just kinda wanted to follow up with you, now that it's been a year, and let you know a few things that have happened. If you don't remember me or what we talked about that's ok.

You had said that you thought I'd do a 180 (I was feelin pretty bad) and that a lot of times after people come to talk to you great things happen in their lives. Well, about a week after we talked I ended up - somewhat magically by trusting my intuition and being in the right place at the right time - getting a job on a vegetable farm! Which is something I've always wanted to do. That also went along with what you said about my sun being in Hasta and possibly doing something with my hands. It was a very difficult job but so extremely soul-enriching and enjoyable and convenient - I got to live on the farm but also got rides into the city about three times a week so I was still able to enjoy my social life. :)

I just often think of our session and refer back to the papers you gave me
Looking forward to hearing from you. :)
Katy H – Milwaukee, WI

Katherine is a gift in my life! Since I moved to Milwaukee three years ago, she has guided me through some MAJOR life events. I didn't dream I would have a new job and a new home with someone that I love, but I do. The things she said stayed with me...and then later gave me confidence and inner calm at just the moment that I needed it. Her sensitivity and accuracy are astounding! But what you leave with is an awakening to your true potential, and the insight to handle things that seemed too hard before. When things she told me came to be, exactly as she said they would, I just I cannot describe the amount of peace and incredible comfort it gives. It is rare to find someone like Katherine who is as talented as she is and at the same time compassionate, clear, real. I can't say enough about her!
Emily - Bay View, WI

Katy has a strong connection with understanding parts of your everyday life that you may not see. Some of her guidance or advice seems’ like its coming from an old childhood friend whom has your best intentions at heart. The fact that she can understand or tap into something more and combine the two is where I believe her strengths lie. Katy’s ability to do what she does is a gift and should be shared. 
Nicole, Milwaukee

Thank you for the intense angel message you gave me, and healing you did for me in New Orleans at the astrology conference - I will never forget it -

Michele V - Hawaii

Hello, Katy. Just wanted to send you blessings.You did a reading for me at the domes healing fair and my dog that had passed showed up and almost knocked you over, twice. Anyway since then he has returned a few and its wonderful, Thank you. I also took my first Reiki class and the Master that did my treatment said a few of the things you said to me...I have already had a few amazing Reiki experiences with total strangers. Your readings validated so much for me and explained so many things about my life that seemed confusing....you helped me jump on my new path in live and it’s such a positive one. Thank you Thank you Thank you, you are amazing. Have an awesome blessed day :)
Kathy J. - Wisconsin

I wanted to say thank you for all that you have done. Truly, words cannot express my gratitude 
Rebecca M.

Katy, Thanks for another fun day...we had so much to talk about during lunch and on the way home! Noelle and I gave this to our mom for her birthday. She said it was the perfect birthday gift! Thanks for making us smile today :)  See you soon, 
Maura - Madison , WI

Please know, ken ADORED his readings on Sunday; what a fun flair for a birthday! You are amazing! Thank you deeply for your gift of knowledge which you share unto others!! Take the best of care! 
Rhonda A - Germantown, WI

Thank you so much for your reading. I was truly amazed at some of the things you had to say because they were so accurate. It was a very enjoyable and enlightening experience. I will remember to mention your services to others that could use your guidance, as well as for myself in the future. I would love to send my ex-boyfriend to you for a reading and am hoping to have that opportunity! Thanks again.
Elly S. - Germantown, WI

Katy is absolutely amazing! I hired her for my sister's bridal shower and she was a hit! It was the perfect thing to have at a bridal shower. She gave each guest a reading and they couldn't stop talking about it. She revealed information that amazed us all. Katy has a gift that is truly incredible. I was so impressed that I wanted to get some more one-on-one time with her. When I had my full reading with Katy, she was able to give me perspective on my life that I have never been able to understand or put into words. The information and advice she gave me has helped me understand who I am from deep within which has ultimately made me feel very fulfilled and grateful. This new understanding of myself is something I would never have understood if it wasn't for Katy. I left my session with Katy feeling rejuvenated about life and that feeling has carried with me each day. I have referred many friends to see her and everyone has the same reaction--AMAZED! She is one of the most talented people I have ever met. I would recommend her 150%. 
Meg  - Wauwatosa, WI

A session with Katherine at Sacred Alignments is an amazing experience. Not only is she a gifted clairvoyant medium who knows her stuff, she is also an incredibly down-to-earth and caring woman whose heart is in her work. I have seen Katherine several times now and I love her no nonsense way of presenting what she sees. A reading with Katherine is like sitting and talking with an old friend. In addition to my own chart, she has done a chart on my husband and my son, as I was seeking to better understand what makes them both tick, and which astrological tendencies or past life issues they might bring the relationship. The information Katherine provided has brought me clarity and a new deeper understanding of both my husband and my son. Having this new information allowed me to feel more compassion, empathy and love for them. It gave me a new perspective and I left armed with ideas on how to move forward in a positive direction. Thank you Katherine! 
Anonymous  - WI

I had an appointment with you yesterday and wanted to drop you a follow up note and tell you how much you helped me. I came in feeling quite troubled and left feeling a giant weight had been lifted! I am so grateful to you, thank you. God has blessed you with an amazing gift. 
Brad L. – Las Vegas, NV

I have been to Sacred Alignments several times now, I have found that Katherine Rebholz is not only insightful she is truly gifted in energy work. My visits with her now are for intuitive counseling. I have been blessed to have found a woman with such a special gift of combining spiritual healing along with humor, compassion, and good old fashion common sense. Thank you Katy for the work you do. You have helped me in my journey and I am grateful I found you!
Thank you,
Jane M. – Brookfield, WI 

- PS. Beautiful and so very true, we are all grateful for you sharing Katy with us. Laurie (Jane’s sister in response to the testimonial above)

One of my dear friends gave me a tarot reading with Katy as a birthday gift. I have had readings in the past, and thought it was a fun gift, but this experience was much more than I expected….

My reading with Katie was eerily accurate and I was shocked by the details she knew about my life. This may sound unnerving, but Katy has a lovely, peaceful presence that puts you at ease. I felt like I was talking with a close friend. The reading gave me clarity and guidance …. and I left truly amazed by her gift.

I decided to see her again, and in my subsequent reading, she foretold a life changing situation I was completely unaware of (involving others). I questioned the reading at the time, and was shocked when things unfolded a few weeks later just as Katy knew it would. I now check in with Katy periodically, and each time I leave with a sense of peace and a deeper insight into my life and relationships. She truly has a unique talent …‚Äč
Jennifer S - Milwaukee

Things are going Great! I believe you helped open that door for me...I can never repay you…you really have no idea. I have been passing your brochure around and spreading your business, I hope some of the people I have come to you. You are truly very special. Where is your storefront? As soon as the money starts to come to me as you said (which by the way it has in small doses just like you said) I will come to see you often :) Thanks for the note..Have an awesome day and hope to see you soon. send your store address. Sending you Love and Light…
Sarah K. - Wisconsin

I have been in Thailand all summer! Meg is here to visit me.. I just have to say that everything that you said to me is coming true and I am freaking out a bit.... My life is starting to fit into place and I can't even explain it... I will be back in two weeks and I would like to set up an appointment. My birthday is August 25th and many of the things that you told me would happen around that time is happening. 
Amy S - Milwaukee