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Turn your Lived In Home into a grid of clarity for your dreams and manifestation with Feng Shui & Home Blessing  with Katherine Elisheba!


Start Fresh in your New Home with a Powerful Energy Clearing of the old owners energy and build a new matrix with a Feng Shui Design in your new Home!  Energize, Clarify and Sustain a nourishing environment in the place that means the Most, Home. 

Can't sell your Property? Have Katherine Elisheba give it a good clearing and prosperity blessing... It will Move on the market! 

Or Transform your Current home into an amazing Place ~ Let Healer and Powerful Energy Worker, Katherine Elisheba, re-energize your home,  clearing the way for a more prosperous future.  Feng Shui is an ancient non intuitive system and adheres to a system of knowledge that is connected to magnetics, the directions and the brilliance of earth and your homes connection to it.  Alchemy places a role when an experienced energy worker is doing the configuration.

Do you have a part of your home that feels "stuck"?

Do you simply want your home to flow better?

Add Energy and Chi to certains areas of your life?

Ancient astrologers organized the 4th house of home and personal happiness for a reason~ the home is a window into a person and has implications greater than some realize... the Good News? Its Changeable! 

Questions? contact Katherine.


An afternoon at your house where we will tackle one area and leave you with a blueprint to do more...lots of input as well as a home energy cleanse with sage / powerful crystals.