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The year was 2000. I had traveled 2000 miles and relocated to Durango, Colorado to embark on my senior year thesis which entailed the interviewing of Curanderas (hispano healers) of Northern New Mexico through field research of their choice of medicinal plants in the area, and their folklore.  I have been hooked ever since on my degrees focus = people and their connection to plants and nature (Ethnobotany)... and my store house of knowledge has grown immensely ~ please let me know show you what i have learned in a comprehensive system of knowledge i have put together!

Since I graduated from the University of Minnesota, I began to work as a highly sensitive spiritual medium... and my strongly developed abilities have lead me to certain healing techniques, both preventative and curative, and as well as supplemental and food, to counter my sensitivities.  I used to throw in all my nuritional secrets at the end of a reading after we had been at the reading for 3 hours, sometimes 4, and the client always has one more question, as we all do, wanting more information but its too much at the end and it requires a whole other service... because its that important, and the information is that Good!

Spend an afternoon learning about the body, things you can do to change it and why, How ... Where... tips, body wisdom and then we make some good food and we eat.  You leave with Kangen water.  Feel the Power!

Nutritional Consulting session = $150 (3-4 hours includes all food supplies)