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A true romantic can Alter the Essence of Time

Posted by Katherine on May 05 , 2017 - 03:19 pm

The full moon coming up in Vishaka and the sun in Bharani is about the Pursuing of Relationships but there are two forms of pursuit: pursuit of sex relationship vs the pursuit of a loving relationship. Sex is about instant gratification so the essence of its timing is Now. Romance and the essence of a loving relationship is about altering the essence of time. A true romantic alters the sense of Time by either jumping ahead or slowing down time , allowing pleasure to drip slowly and feed a deeper part of your being.  Have you ever used a memory of the 'beginning' of the relationship to make the moment more precious. Or the idea of looking to the future can make romance solidify into trusting reliable commitment.  Making a bold move or jumping ahead of a full boring ritual routine of what we 'should' be doing to show affection it's what we call sweeping off their feet.... and it makes for a true memory that etches itself on the heart of the receiver. People remember the parts of a romantic relationship that alters time itself and that's what makes it an escape from the mundane and something you will want to repeat if there is a deeper level of compatibility and chemistry and keep in your life. Find an escape from the trivial day to day and leave your lover  wanting more. So this full moon know what it is you are pursuing and use the element of Time to make it last or know how to be just plain sexy. But the easier it is to obtain the easier it is to not to value it. Ultimately the pattern of both inter mixed is best. Why do romantic dinners not always end in sex? Slowed down the time. Why does quickie sex not do it for the romantics?  Do Both. And remember the disconnect is A natural function of altering the Time essence. Please both partners by doing Both. Just not always at the same.

this full moon make a Magic Moment.  Let the full moon last ..... a little longer? Either way, enjoy! 

And if you are stuck in a bad abusive relationship with a really inept person who abuses you DAILY Nothing will help this. You need to get out and use this full moon to your benefit and get Single asap  so you can Bump into the Right partner and find what you truly need to be happy! A committed relationship with great sexual chemistry. God Bless Your Path to True Happiness. 






Tags:   Attract the Life you Want and Deserve  Debilitating bad sex  Divine Love  Divine Symbolism  Love  Mysticism  Romance 

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Toxic Relationships

Posted by Elisheba on Apr 11 , 2017 - 08:06 pm

Tonight's Full moon in chitra offers you the Big Picture of your life. Specifically in the area where you have had some enemies or "bad influence". The rulers of this full moon in independent Aries reveals that you need to be free of these people and their web of influence. Break from them the pattern of having them in your life. Divine grace will flow into your life if you have created that separation and focus on what truly matters to you and to those who truly support you. Especially people who you have helped in the past it will be these people who the Divine will reveal to you as traitors and they will have a holier than thou, "I can use you it's my right" attitude. Know in your Heart, Gods Love Protects you and will guide you to safety. The stars are Light. Jyota se jyota. 




Tags:   Divine Love  Divine Symbolism  God  Mysticism  Psychic medium  Spiritual medium  Vedic Astrology 

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Don't Live as if you were dying - EAT each day as if you were dying

Posted by Katherine on Oct 18 , 2014 - 08:02 pm

I was driving in my car when the Song "Live like you are dying" was on the radio... which is a determined vision, yes, yet maybe too much drain on the yang energy or even reckless, Suddenly ~ the thought of "EAT like you are dying" popped into my head...

Lately, I have been putting spinach on everything, and it has been very impactful on my diet, well being and overall energy~   I just found a great article this afternoon which relates to my experience - below is a quote 

In a small study conducted at Sweden’s Lund University, overweight women who drank 5 grams of spinach extract each morning for 12 weeks lost an average of 11 pounds (compared to 7.7 pounds for those swigging a placebo). But here's the most interesting thing: The extract group reported a 95% reduction in cravings for sweet and fatty foods and found it easier to stick to three daily meals. And these effects were immediate, kicking in after just one day. Fox News

On October 23 2014 we are going to experience a Partial Solar Eclipse in Chitra, ... Venus, the ruler, is in Chitra as well, and Mars in Mula.  Chitras symbol is the Pearl which relates to Liberation, and the trials we endure to chisel our 'masterpiece'... something solid and radiant  ... "The real image hidden in the uncut stone must be carved out by the sculptor" (behari) ... Mula relates to the Root, can be getting to the "root" of a situation, or clearing from the "roots", and literaly roots/plants/vegetables.  Chitra also relates to the area where our wings must be cut, but the end result is a beautiful Gem.   ~ Katherine Elisheba


god bless me and my people ~

Tags:   Coincidence  Divine Love  Divine Symbolism  Eclipse  God  Health  Mysticism  Recipes  Vedic Astrology 

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Butterfly in the Garden (Two-Tailed Swallowtail)

Posted by Kate on Sep 01 , 2014 - 01:51 pm

Check out this beautiful butterfly that visited my garden. It's a Two-Tailed Swallowtail.


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